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Following on from the success of the fine-dining restaurants from last few years, for this last and greatest of hurrahs, SGP are teaming up with London based Fine-Dining, Event Catering, Pop-up & Street food Company ‘A La Mesa’ to bring you to you ‘A La Mesa: The Restaurant’ providing you with the best modern European food the festival has ever known.

Contemporary, seasonal cooking using the best of British ingredients with a fantastic wine list, ‘The Restaurant’ will feed you an immense Brunch with the best Bloody Mary on-site. Then saunter into the evening for a dinner that would would sit happily in Tuscany, Paris or London, but fed to you in the beauty of these candlelit Cambridgeshire fields.

Sunday we’ll be bringing you a little brunch to begin with and then launch into a special summer Roast menu with wines to help the Ribeye of Beef and horseradish or Sharing Chickens and Butter broth go down effortlessly.

Bookings upon request via email:

Or simply stroll up to us by the Lido when you arrive to book in with us over the weekend in person (like the old days!)


Brunch Bookings

Following on from the fine dining restaurants of last year, for the final edition SGP are part..


Brunch Bookings